Thursday, 5 September 2013

I'm Going to a Trade Show!

All good things happen after a little wine...

I mentioned in a previous post that I work in a clothes shop when I'm back home in Cornwall, which I absolutely love. The shop is one of two shops that we have in Cornwall, and has some lovely brands, ranging from Masai to Great Plains, from White Stuff to Uttam Boutique.

Last night was our end of season meal for the 12 employees of the two shops we have in Cornwall, a chance to reflect, eat, and (for me) quiz the boss. After a little wine we all got chatting more freely, and my boss asked me about what I was planning on doing after uni. I told her I was very interested in doing a graduate training scheme in retail, to which she responded with an excited smile and the advice that I try to go for the John Lewis grad training scheme. She then went on to talk about the trade shows that her and her shop manager buy at, to which I said "ooh I would love to go to a trade show, that would be so exciting." And she said I could go to the next one! The next one in A/W 14 in February, but it's still very exciting, and being based in Essex means I can easily get into London.

So, after a night filled with a lot of food and lots of wine, I came out with some great advice and an exciting opportunity to gain more insight into the retail world!

Love, Emily x

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